How Much is the Deposit?

The Deposit comes out to $1000

When does my Deposit get released?

Funds Are released back to the customer once inspection is completed upon return which usually happens same day or following morning.

Are there any hidden charges or expenses?

There are no hidden charges or expenses. All fees and charges are visible to the customer on the rental agreement and terms and conditions.

What happens if I break down on the trail? am I credited?

An inspection will be performed and if damage was caused by a manufacture defect, then the customer would be given a credit. If the damage was caused by customer, then there will be no credits due back. This is generally decided by a case by case basis with a policy and standards that apply within the customer’s best interest.

Does someone come out to fix/help if the vehicle breaks down?

We will always assist with what’s within our control. Ultimately it’s the customer’s responsibility. We will always provide assistance to get the customer out of any sticky situation.


Premium only. These are high performance machines that call for a high grade of gasoline that will allow the machine to perform properly.


The RZR 1000 has a 9.5-gallon tank. Depending on your riding style, fuel could last anywhere from 1 to 2 days of riding.

What are normal wear & tear items?

There is absolutely no wear and tear items. We maintain all of our equipment to the highest standard and change out all possible wearable items on a routine basis . This includes drive belts, clutches, tires and anything else that may be considers a wear and tear item.


Do You have Commercial insurance and with who?

This is important in case there is an accident. Octane Thrills has a commercial insurance policy with MBA that helps protect against liability in the unfortunate event of an accident or a tragedy. If You rent from someone who does not have a commercial insurance policy, Warning!!! You are on your own

Do you have a business license?

A business License is important because it shows that the company that you are working with is legitimate and does business with high standards. Octane Thrills is a corporation and has a license with the state and the city of Gilbert

How big is your fleet?

You may wonder why this is important? Other companies have very few units and if one goes down due to damages or maintenance issues, you may have to cancel your plans. Octane Thrills typically has a unit that is set aside just for that. We usually have a spare unit in case one goes down .

Do You Have spare belts, Tires and recovery Gear?

On some high performance Models such as the RZR 1000 you will want a spare drive belt. Drive Belts can go out if you are an inexperience driver. This is why we provide you a spare drive belt just in case. On some units we also provide spare tires and tire jacks.

Do You Have Trail Guides?

Not Sure where to Go? We Give You Trail books so you can get the most out of your rental. Our staff is all so very knowledgeable and can recommend great places to ride.

Do You Have Reviews?

We have many reviews on different platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Check out the reviews to see what their customers think. Make sure you look for a company that has more than one or two reviews.

Are You a One Man Show? Is this a legitimate business?

We have 4 people on staff and a reception service for our customers. This is important for a number of reasons. Sometimes there can be issues, and you may want to get management involved or just deal with someone else. There are rental company’s out there that are a one-man show. This can be a disadvantage when there is an issue that needs to be resolved. We have a team that manages all of our maintenance and customer service. The one man shows have a difficult time juggling all that has to be done.

Does Your company Maintain their own fleet?

We do maintain our own fleet at Octane Thrills. This is very important because our staff members are experts on the machines in the fleet and we make sure all the maintenance is done right.

Do They use proper documentation?

(Such as Pre Check out list, Rental Agreements etc.) We have all contracts in writing and copies are available on request, we also do a pre inspection of the machine with you prior to you taking possession. This is important because you don’t want to be liable for something you did not damage.