Experience the thrill of the finest trails Arizona has to offer. Gilbert, AZ has picturesque views to offer and beautiful trails to climb. A family-friendly atmosphere that promotes  safe thrill-seeking. We provide gear and want to make sure you have a fun and safe experience with us. Looking for an experienced rider to lead you through Gilbert's best trails?
Explore the mountains and canyons of Arizona while in command of on
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Along the way you’re treated to great views of Canyon Lake and Apache Lake. Both man-made reservoirs offer a full array of water sports including boating, water skiing and fishing. The trail can get quite congested on weekends and holidays. There are few one-lane bridges along the way, so be courteous if you see someone coming from the other direction.
South of Apache Trail is the vast Superstition Wilderness with an extensive network of hiking trails and backpacking opportunities. The road skirts the edge of the Salt River before climbing out of the valley at Theodore Roosevelt Dam which forms Roosevelt Lake. When full, the lake’s shoreline measures 112 miles. This vast recreation area has just about everything for the outdoor enthusiast. There are many great four-wheel-drive roads and trails in the surrounding Tonto National Forest.
Gold Canyon has an array of fantastic trails to climb. Whether you are looking for a challenge, or are interested in a fun family outing, Gold Canyon is a great place to adventure. Kid-friendly trails that offer scenic drives. Safety is number one, so we provide all necessary equipment. Get to know our experts and have an experienced rider give you a tour of this fascinating landscape.
Breath-taking views and moderately challenging courses for the thrill seekers! Gold Canyon is home to some of Arizona's most beautiful wildlife.
Mormon Lake it the largest natural lake in Arizona. In particularly dry times, the lake has been known to dry up. It is fed from the rain and snow melt in the nearby mountains. Mormon Lake is surrounded by Ponderosa Pine forests in a lush setting, providing scenic grounds for camping, fishing and hiking. The name of the lake commemorates Mormon settlers who arrived here in the 1870s and founded several dairy farms in the area, none of which exist any longer. 
The Trails here cater beginner to intermediate levels of riders. With a dense forest be on the lookout for fallen trees that might get in the way. Mormon Lake is filled with great spots to stop and enjoy some lunch or just a quick breather. This is a top destination for any level of thrill seeker.

Florence was established in 1866 by Colonel Levi Ruggles, who moved to Arizona after the Civil War as an Indian Agent. He later served as a Territorial Legislator and helped establish Pinal as the state’s fifth county.

With popular trails like Box Canyon and Coke Ovens, Florence offers a whole array of excitement for any rider on any skill level. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. There are many staging areas to camp out and bask in the star light while enjoying the company of friends and family. Beautiful canyon views and an encapsulating desert vistas are just a perks to look forward to when embarking on any adventure Florence has to offer.

The history of Mesa dates back at least 2,000 years to the arrival of the Hohokam people. Mesa is the third-largest city in Arizona, after Phoenix and Tucson and is the 38th largest city in the US. In the heart of the desert make sure to always have plenty of water. Trials in Mesa are for the beginner and intermediate level rider.
Trails like Sycamore Creek and Apache Trail are easy to find and fun for the whole family, whether you want to camp out or ride for miles. Mesa, AZ offers a depth of activities and scenic vistas they every Arizona native or out of town visitor needs to experience.